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Upton, Massachusetts

Worcester county. Upton was taken from Mendon, Sutton, and Hopkinton in 1735. The surface of the town is plain land, and partly rough and hilly, with a strong soil capable of yielding good crops of grain and hay. Much attention has been paid to fruit trees in this town, and many fine orchards of various kinds of fruit have been the result. West river, a branch of the Blackstone, rises from a pond in Upton, and furnishes a power for a number of mills. The manufactures consist of woolen goods, boots, shoes, leather, straw bonnets, sashes and blinds: annual value, about $175,000.

This pleasant town lies 35 miles W.S.W. from Boston and 15 S.E. from Worcester. Population, in 1830, 1,155; 1837, 1,451.

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