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Sutton, Massachusetts

Worcester county. This is a very pleasant and flourishing town, 44 miles W. by S. from Boston and 9 S. by E. from Worcester. Incorporated, 1715. Population, 1830, 2,186; 1837, 2,457.

Sutton is watered by Blackstone river, and the Blackstone canal passes through the town. There are in the town four cotton and two woolen mills, two scythe factories, and manufactures of boots, shoes, shuttles and spindles: total value, the year ending April 1, 1837, $309,578.

The surface of the town is agreeably diversified, and the soil capable of producing good crops. Granite and soapstone are abundant.

"Purgatory Cavern," in this town, is a great curiosity. It is a fissure in gneiss, nearly half a mile long, in most parts partially filled by the masses of rock that have been detached from the walls. The sides are often perpendicular, and sometimes 70 feet high; being separated from each other by about 50 feet.

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