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Mendon, Massachusetts

Worcester county. The Indian name of this town was Quanshipauge. It was first settled by people from Roxbury, about the year 1647. Incorporated, 1667. Mendon is a township of variegated surface, excellent soil, and in a good state of cultivation. The products of the dairy are large and valuable.—Blackstone river and canal pass its southwestern border, and Mill river traverses its whole extent. These streams afford an excellent hydraulic power. There are 8 cotton and 4 woolen mills in the town, and manufactures of boots, shoes, iron castings, scythes, ploughs, straw bonnets, palm-leaf hats, machinery, wagons, and harnesses; total value, the year ending April 1, 1837,—$629,282. This very pleasant and flourishing town lies 32 miles S.W. from Boston, 18 S.E. from Worcester, and 22 N. from Providence. Population, 1830, 3,153; 1837, 3,657.

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