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Pembroke, Massachusetts

Plymouth county. This town was taken from Duxbury in 1711. Population, 1837, 1,258. It lies 27 miles S.E. from Boston and 12 N.N.W. from Plymouth. North river separates this town from Hanover; and some branches of that stream, rising from ponds in Pembroke, give it a good water power. For more than 40 years after the settlement of Plymouth, this town contained the only saw-mill in the colony. Pembroke is at the head of navigation on the North river, and possesses superior advantages for ship building; and many noble vessels, constructed of native white oak, are annually launched. The manufactures of the town consist of vessels, cotton goods, tacks, iron ware, chairs, cabinet ware, &c.

The North river is very deep and narrow, and so exceedingly crooked that it meanders 18 miles in its course from Pembroke to Scituate harbor, when the distance by land is less than 6 miles.

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