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Duxbury, Massachusetts

Plymouth county. This town lies on Massachusetts bay in Plymouth harbor. It is 29 miles S.E. from Boston and 6 N. from Plymouth. Duxbury affords some good land, a good water power, and a great variety of scenery. Its Indian name was Matakeeset. Ship building, the coasting trade and fisheries is the chief business of the place. In 1837, it had 46 vessels employed in the cod and mackerel fishery, the product of which amounted to $69,548. Value of vessels built, $169,048. The value of woolen cloth, leather, boots, shoes, salt, iron, brass castings and tin ware manufactured, amounted to $105,787. Some attention is paid here to rearing sheep, and the manufacture of cordage.

There is in Duxbury an apple tree noted for its age, size, and fruitfulness. It is upwards of a hundred years old. It is forty feet in height, and its circumference, eight inches from the ground, is 16 feet. Its fruit, in one year, has made 10 barrels of cider, besides 30 bushels for the cellar. Population, 1837, 2,789.

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