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Plymouth, Massachusetts

Plymouth county. Chief town. This place is full of interest, it being the oldest settlment by Europeans in New England, and the landing place of our forefathers on the 22d of December, 1620. Its Indian name was Patuxet. Plymouth lies 35 miles S.E. by S. from Boston: N. lat. 41°57'30". W. lon. 70°40'45". Population, 1830, 4,384; 1837, 5,034. Incorporated, 1620.

The land in this town is generally hilly and sandy; but there is a border of considerable extent on the sea board, having been well cultivated, consisting of a rich loamy soil, and capable of yielding large crops.

The town is watered by Eel and Wonkinqua rivers, Town, Willingsly and Double brooks, and more than 200 ponds, the largest of which is called Billington Sea.

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