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Pembroke, New Hampshire

Merrimack county, lies 60 miles N.W. from Boston, and 6 S.E. from Concord. This town is generally well watered. The Suncook, on the S.E. boundary, furnishes many valuable water privileges. The main street extends nearly on a parallel with Merrimack river in a straight course about three miles, and is very pleasant. On this are situated the academy and the principal village. Pembroke has a variety of soils, mostly very productive. On the rivers are small but valuable tracts of intervale, and from these the land rises in extensive and beautiful swells, yielding in abundance when properly cultivated. Pembroke is the ancient Suncook of the Indians. It was granted by this name in 1727, by the government of Massachusetts, to Capt. John Lovewell and his brave associates, in consideration of their services against the Indians. The whole number of grantees was 60; 46 of whom accompanied Lovewell in his last march to Pequawkett. The first survey was made in 1728; and in the following year settlements were commenced. The settlements increased slowly, in consequence of the frequent alarms from the Indians, who committed many depredations upon their property. Population, 1830, 1,312.

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