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Warren, Maine

One of the county towns of Lincoln county. This town is situated on both sides of St. George's river, at the head of the tide waters, and is bounded N. by Union, S. by Campden and Thomaston, S. by Cushing, and W. by Waldoborough. Incorporated, 1776. Population, 1830, 2,030; 1837, 2,143. It is 34 miles S.E. from Augusta.

The location of this town is very favorable for manufactures and navigation. The lumber business is not so large as formerly, yet considerable quantities are now sawed and shipped. Ship building is an important branch of business, and the manufacture of lime, from a superior quantity of limestone, with which this country abounds, is carried on extensively, and is annually increasing. The village is well located and pleasant: it contains a well conducted academy or high school, for youth of both sexes, in which all the languages and other branches of education may be obtained, and such as are necessary to prepare them for future usefulness in society.

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