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Waldoborough, Maine

Lincoln county. This is a large, pleasant, and flourishing commercial town; a port of entry, situated on both sides of Muscongus river, and at the head of navigation on Muscongus bay.

This town, surrounded by a fertile country, enjoying navigable accommodations, a great water power, and peopled by an enterprising and industrious class of agriculturalists, mechanics, and sailors, cannot fail of advancing in wealth and population. The tonnage of ths district, in 1837, was 39,960 tons.

The surface of the town is agreeably diversified: the soil of a quality just hard enough to promote a proper circulation of the blood of its cultivators, with air and water as pleasant, as pure, and as favorable to health and longevity, as any prairie, of which we have any account, west of the Alleghany mountains. It is true that these people have to encounter the dangers of the seas, in the navigation of their numerous vessels engaged in foreign and domestic commerce; to accidents attendant on launching their trig ships, brigs, and schooners, and in preparing various kinds of lumber for their cargoes; and that they sometimes get drowned in crossing their rapid streams, and break their limbs by riding too fast on their wintry snows; yet they are perfectly satisfied with their location and condition, and have no hankering for the balmy breezes of the south, nor thirst for the sweet waters of the west.

Waldoborough is an ancient town for this section of the country: it was incorporated in 1773. It lies 37 miles S.E. from Augusta and 22 E.N.E. from Wiscasset. Population, 1820, 2,449; 1830, 3,113; 1837, 3,420.

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