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Wiscasset, Maine

Lincoln county. Shire town. Wiscasset is a port of entry, situated on the west side of Sheepscot river, 20 miles from the sea; 24 miles S.S.E. from Augusta, 42 N.E. from Portland, and 10 N.E. from Bath. It was incorporated in 1760. Population, 1837, 2,246.

Wiscasset contains a noble harbor for vessels of the largest class; it is easy of access and seldom obstructed by ice. For many years previous to the commencement of the commercial restrictions, in 1807, Wiscasset was one of the most active and flourishing sea ports in Maine. During the disastrous period which followed, Wiscasset suffered severely, in common with all towns largely engaged in navigation.

Since the termination of the war the town has been slowly but safely progressing in wealth and prosperity. In addition to its commerce in lumber and ship building, this place is largely and profitably engaged in the fishery, for which pursuit it is admirably located. The tonnage of this district, in 1837, was 11,662 tons.

The village of Wiscasset is delightfully situated on rising ground, in view of the harbor. The court house, churches, stores, and dwelling houses are built with taste, and many of them with elegance. A more beautiful village is rarely seen.

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