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Bath, Maine

In the county of Lincoln, is situated on the west bank of Kennebec river, 12 miles from the sea, 32 N.E. of Portland, and 31 S. from Augusta. It is bounded E. by Kennebec river, S. by Phipsburg, W. by New Meadows river and Brunswick, and N. by Merrymeeting bay. Population, in 1830, 3,773; in 1835, 4,200; and in 1837, 4,523. Incorporated, 1780. An attempt was made by a missionary to settle this place, and preach to the fishermen, as early as 1670. But the Indians would not permit it. A permanent settlement was made in 1756. The principal business of Bath is commerce, trade and ship-building, for which it is admirably located. There belonged to this port in 1835, 26 ships, 32 brigs, 54 schooners, and smaller vessels. Tonnage of the district of Bath, including the waters of Kennebec river, in 1837, 41,728 tons. Total number of vessels belonging to the district of Bath, in 1835, 37 ships, 94 brigs, 195 schooners, 10 sloops, and 1 steam-boat. Total, 337. The harbor of Bath is seldom obstructed by ice. Regular lines of steam-boats ply between this place and Portland and Boston, about three-fourths of the year.

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