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St. George, Maine

Lincoln county. This township is nearly surrounded by water. It is bounded northerly by a neck of land adjoining Thomaston, E. by the western waters of Penobscot bay, S. by the Atlantic, and W. by the waters of Muscongus bay and St. George's river. This town possesses, in an eminent degree, every navigable facility. It is a place of considerable ship building, and the people are engaged in the lumber trade, coasting and fishing. There are a number of islands on the coast of this town: a cluster of islands called St. Georges, are the most considerable. They lie off the town S. by W. about 5 miles. St. George was incorporated in 1803. Population, 1837, 1,883. It lies 57 miles S.E. from Augusta and 10 S. from Warren.

St. George River is a valuable stream, both on account of its hydraulic power and navigable accommodations. It receives its most distant waters from ponds in Montville, Searsmont and Belmont in the county of Waldo, and, in a southerly course, passes to Union, where it receives the waters of several ponds, and meets the tide at Warren. The length of this river is about 40 miles: it is navigable to Warren, 15 miles from the sea.

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