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, Maine

Lincoln county. This noted place on our eastern waters is a point of land attached to the town of Thomaston, running out three or four miles into Penobscot bay, opposite to the island town of Vinalhaven. Owl's Head forms the western entrance into the mouth of Penobscot river, and has a light house to guide the wary mariner on his way. A breakwater is about being erected, which will render the harbor at this place one of the most commodious, as it is one of the most important, on the coast. An almost countless number of vessels pass this place annually. Frequently five hundred pass in a day. From March 15th to June 15th, 1838, 5019 sail were seen to pass in the day time. Owl's Head is not only a stopping place in a storm, but a resort for great numbers of people for many miles around, to take passages on board of steamers and other vessels. It is a delightful place in summer, and has justly acquired a reputation for possessing all the various enjoyments which induce thousands to visit the sea coast at other places. It lies 4 miles E. from Thomaston, 55 S. from Augusta, and 79 E.N.E. from Portland.