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Oxford County, Maine

Paris, chief town. This county is bounded N. by Lower Canada, E. by Franklin and Kennebec counties, S. by Cumberland and York counties, and W. by New Hampshire.

It is watered by the Margallaway, Androscoggin, Saco, and numerous other rivers. In the northern part of the county lies a collection of large lakes whose waters empty into the Umbagog, and pass to the ocean by the Androscoggin and Kennebec rivers. Although some parts of the county are rough and mountainous, yet a very large part of it is exceedingly fertile, particularly on the borders of its numerous rivers, lakes, and ponds. This county contained an area of 2,684 square miles previous to the formation of Franklin county, in 1838, which was formed partly from Oxford county. The population of Oxford county, in 1820, was 17,630; 1830, 35,211; 1837, 40,640. Population to a square mile, 15. The number of sheep in this county, in 1837, was 76,028.

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