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Vinalhaven, Maine

Waldo county. Previous to 1838, this town was attached to the county of Hancock. It is situated 12 miles S.E. from Camden, 6 E. from Owl's Head, and is formed of the Fox Islands, at the mouth of Penobscot bay, about fifty miles below Bangor. There are three islands of considerable size belonging to this group, besides several smaller islands on their coast. This island town possesses in an eminent degree all those advantages to be derived from a bold shore and good harbors, in the centre of an extensive maritime commerce, and of the domestic fishery. These privileges are well improved by the inhabitants of Fox Islands: they also make their soil tributary to their wants. In 1837, their crop of wheat was 1,611 bushels. So long as the sea island towns of Mount Desert, Eden and Vinalhaven, afford wheat, and Truro, wool, in such abundance; there seems, at present, no great cause for Yankees going west to escape either nakedness or starvation. These islands are finely located for summer excursions, either for health or pleasure. The passages between the principal islands, are delightful; and the scenery around them beautiful. Population, 1837, 1,768.

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