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, Maine

Hancock county. This town comprised the whole island of the same name, lying between Frenchman's bay and the waters of Blue Hill bay, and Union river, until 1795, when the north part was set off and called Eden. It lies 110 miles E. from Augusta. Incorporated, 1789. Population, 1837, 1,783.

This town has an extensive coast and a number of excellent harbors. The people of Mount Desert own considerable navigation employed in the coasting trade; and the shore fishery, is a lucrative branch of business. The soil of the town is good, and abundantly able to supply the inhabitants with bread stuffs. In 1837, the ocean towns of Mount Desert and Eden, produced 674 bushels of good wheat. We mention this fact, to show that there must be something, other than sea air, which causes that valuable grain to blight on the coast of Massachusetts.