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Enfield, Connecticut

Hartford county. This town was first settled, 1681, by emigrants from Salem, Mass.: it formerly belonged to Mass. and was a part of Springfield. The first bridge across the Connecticut river was built in 1808, connecting Enfield with Suffield. The surface is generally level and the soil moist and fertile. The street, where most of the inhabitants reside, is very pleasant, wide, and well shaded. The village near the river was commenced abobut 1831, at which the manufacture of carpeting is extensively pursued. About 120 looms are employed, making about 800 yeards daily. The manufacture of ploughs is also an important pursuit in Enfield. It is watered by Scantick river. Population, 1830, 2,129. It is 18 miles N. from Hartford and 8 S. from Springfield, Mass.

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