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Suffield, Connecticut

Hartford county. Suffield lies on the west side of Connecticut river, and is bounded N. by Massachusetts, to which state it was attached until 1752. This territory, 8 by 5 miles, was purchased about the year 1670, of two Indian Chiefs, for one hundred dollars. The surface on the banks of the river, are elevated, and although the town is without much alluvial meadow, the soil being a strong deep loam, is very fertile, and productive. Suffield contains some of the best farms in the state. It lies 16 miles N. from Hartford and 10 S. from Springfield. Population, 1830, 2,690.

The principal village is pleasantly located on rising ground; it contains many handsome buildings; it is the site of the "Connecticut Literary Institution," and commands delightful views of the river and circumjacent country.

Gideon Granger, post master general of the United States from 1801 to 1814, was born in Suffield in 1767. He died at Canandaigua, N.Y., in 1822.

Oliver Phelps, Esq., "a man of extraordinary enterprise and extensive business, was for many years a resident of this town."

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