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Sudbury, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. This ancient town is situated on the west side of a river of the same name, 19 miles W. by N. from Boston and 8 S.W. from Concord. Population, 1837, 1,388. It is watered by a small stream, a branch of Sudbury river. There is a paper mill in the town, a plough factory, and manufactures of boots and shoes: annual value about $20,000.

Sudbury was first settled in 1635. In 1676, about 70 men, on their march for the relief of Marlborough, fell into an ambuscade with the Indians: twenty six of the English were left dead on the field; the residue were captured, and many of them afterwards tortured and slain. West of Sudbury causeway, is a monument erected to their memory, by president Wadsworth, of Harvard College, a son of the Captain of the Band.

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