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Charlestown, Rhode Island

Washington county. Charlestown lies on the sea, opposite to Block Island. It has five large ponds, which cover an area of 7 square miles.—Charlestown and Conaquetogue ponds are salt water, and Posquissett, Watchaug and Cochumpaug are fresh water. These waters afford a great variety of fish. Near the sea, the land is arable, but the interior of the town is more fit for the growth of wood. This town contains the graves of the remnant of the tribe of the once powerful and dreaded Narraganset Indians. They possessed a considerable tract of land in this town, but owing to a dislike to agricultural pursuits, and by intermarriages with the whites and negroes, their race as a distinct people has long since become extinct. Charles river passes through the town and gives it mill privileges. Charlestown lies about 8 miles W.S.W. from South Kingston and 40 S.W. from Providence. Population, 1830, 1,284.

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