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Cornish, New Hampshire

Sullivan county, is 17 miles N. from Charlestown, 50 N.W. by W. from Concord, and 12 N.W. from Newport. Connecticut river waters the west part of this town, and by means of a bridge connects Cornish with Windsor, Vt. The soil is generally fertile. The town is hilly, with the exception of that part which lies on the river. Blow-me-down and Bryant's brooks are the only streams of any good magnitude—these afford good mill privileges, which are improved for a woolen factory, a large number of saw, and other mills. The agricultural products of this town are very considerable. Cornish was granted June 21, 1763, to Rev. Samuel McClintock of Greenland, and 69 others. The town was settled in 1765.—Population, 1830, 1,687.

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