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Bridgewater, New Hampshire

Grafton county. Originally part of New Chester; now Hill, was incorporated, 1788. It is bounded N. by Plymouth and Hebron, on the E. by Pemigewasset river, dividing it from part of Holderness and New Hampton, on the S. by Bristol, and on the W. by Newfound pond, which separates it from Alexandria. The soil is well adapted to grazing, and few townships in this vicinity exceed it in this respect. The Mayhew turnpike passes through the W. part, near Newfound pond, and the main road from Concord to Plymouth through the E. part near Pemigewasset river. The first settlement was made in 1766 by Thomas Crawford, Esq., when the tract comprised the whole of New Chester, Bridgewater, and Bristol. Population, in 1830, 783.

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