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Holderness, New Hampshire

Grafton county. It is 65 miles N.W. from Portsmouth and 40 N. from Concord. The soil is hard and not easily cultivated, but when subdued is tolerably productive. From the sap of the sugar maple, a considerable quantity of sugar is made. The Pemigewasset imparts a portion of its benefits to this place, and there are various other streams which serve to fertilize the soil, and to furnish mill seats. Squam river, the outlet of Squam ponds, runs in a S.W. direction and empties into the Pemigewasset near the S.W. angle of the town. This stream affords excellent mill privileges, having on it 2 paper mills and other machinery. There are 3 ponds or lakes.

The road from Plymouth through this place to Winnepisiogee lake, and along the borders of that lake to Wolfeborough, is highly interesting; displaying scenery which is scarcely equalled in this part of our country. Holderness was first granted in 1751. The first settlement was made about the year 1763. Population, 1830, 1,429.

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