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Amoskeag Falls and Village, New Hampshire

These falls are in the Merrimack river, between Goffstown on the W. and Manchester on the E. The whole fall of the river, within the distance of half a mile, is 54 feet, producing a great hydraulic power. A company, with a large capital, have commenced forming canals and erecting buildings for manufacturing purposes on a very extensive scale. Their plan provides for 37 mills, each containing 6000 spindles. Two canals, 2 factories, a number of dwelling houses, machine shops, &c., are now nearly completed. The canals are each a mile in length, and will, when completed, be equal to any works of the kind in our country. The village is in Goffstown, 16 miles below Concord and 18 miles above Nashua, delightfully situated on the banks of these majestic falls. Amoskeag is already a place of considerable business, and must eventually become a mart of large manufacturing operations. The vicinity of these falls was much frequented by the Indians. The Sachem Wonolanset resided here. The tribe under him was sometimes molested by the Mohawks, who carried terror to the hearts of all the eastern Indians. In time of war between these hostile tribes, the Indians living in the neighborhood of the falls concealed their provisions in the large cavities of the rocks on the island in the middle of the upper part of the fall. They entertained an idea that their deity had cut out these cavities for that purpose.

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