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Sunderland, Massachusetts

Franklin county. This town lies on the east side of Connecticut river, 90 miles W. from Boston, and 9 S. by E. from Greenfield. It was taken from Hadley in 1718. Population, 1837, 729. The settlement in this town is principally on a street running parallel with the river. Between the street and the river is a tract of fertile meadow; on the other side of the village is a more elevated plain, and back of that, Mount Toby rears its lofty front. This mountain is composed of pudding stone, and the small stones within it are round and smooth as though washed by the ocean; they are of verious sizes, and of every color. On one side is a cavern 60 feet deep; and many other ruptures seem to indicate some great change in this mountain since its formation. This village is very pleasant, and the scenery around it is of a fascinating character. The people here are good farmers, and are noted for their good schools and philanthropic disposition.

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