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Hadley, Massachusetts

Hampshire county. This is a pleasant town on the E. bank of Connecticut river, and unites with Northampton by a beautiful bridge, 1,080 feet in length. It was first settled in 1647. Incorporated, 1661. Population, 1837, 1,805. It lies 88 miles W. from Boston. Two small streams afford the town some water power. Hadley contains a large and fertile tract of alluvial meadow. The village, situated on the river, is pleasant, and contains many neat and valuable buildings.

Hadley was a retreat of the celebrated Goffe and Whalley, two of the judges who condemned Charles I for execution. They remained secluded here for more than fifteen years, when Whalley died. Goffe died and was buried at New Haven, Ct., some years after.

The manufactures of Hadley consist of leather, boots, shoes, hats, glue, palm-leaf hats, wire, chairs, cabinet ware, brooms, and brushes. Total value the year ending April 1, 1837, $117,850. This town is celebrated for raising broom corn. The value of brooms manufactured was $89,248. A considerable quantity of the manufactured material was sent to other places.

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