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Greenfield, Massachusetts

County town, Franklin county. This town lies on the W. side of Connecticut river, and is washed by Green river, an excellent mill stream, a branch of the Deerfield. The village is situated about 2 miles from Connecticut river, and is very beautiful and flourishing. There is a woolen mill in Greenfield with four sets of machinery; and manufactures of boots, shoes, leather, hats, iron castings, chairs, cabinet and tin wares, saddles, harnesses, trunks, stove and lead aqueduct pipe, iron work, guns, pistols, rifles, coaches, wagons, books, &c. The total amount of manufactures, for the year ending April 1, 1837, was $164,844. The value of wool, the product of 2,153 fleeces, sheared in 1837, was $3,404. There is an academy for young ladies in this town, a farming school for young men, and some iron and copper ores. Greenfield lies 95 miles W. by N. from Boston and 22 N. from Northampton. Incorporated, 1753. Population, 1830, 1,540; 1837, 1840.

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