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Raynham, Massachusetts

Bristol county. This town lies on Taunton river, and was taken from Taunton in 1731. Population, 1837, 1,379. It is 30 miles S. from Boston, 3 N.E. from Taunton, and 24 E. from Providence.

There are a number of large ponds in this town producing a good water power, and to which vast quantities of herring (alewives) resort. On the banks of one of these ponds the celebrated King Philip had a hunting house. The first forge in America was erected in this town, by James and Henry Leonard, in 1652. The house of the Leonards, an old Gothic building, is now standing, and owned by the 7th generation.

The manufactures of Raynham consist of bar iron, nails, iron castings, anchors, shovels, forks, coffee mills, and straw bonnets: total value the year ending April 1, 1837, $360,650; of which $300,000 was for nails.

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