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Bristol County, Massachusetts

Taunton and New Bedford are the county towns.

The surface of this county is somewhat broken, but generally level. Its soil in many parts is of an inferior quality. There are 12,468 sheep. Area, 600 square miles. It has a maritime coast of considerable extent, and its people are extensively engaged in navigation. The tonnage of the two districts in this county (New Bedford and Dighton) is 94,163 tons. This county gives rise to many important streams that fall into Massachusetts and Narraganset bays, and its water power is abundant in almost every town. It abounds in excellent iron ore, and in no section of our country, of its extent, are more extensive manufactures of that material for almost all the uses of man. This county is bounded N. by Norfolk co., E. by Plymouth co., S.E. by Buzzard's bay, and W. by the counties of Providence, Bristol, and Newport, R.I. In king Philip's time this part of the country was called Pawcunnawcutt. It was incorporated in 1685. Population, in 1820, 40,908; 1830, 49,474; and in 1837, 58,152: 97 inhabitants to a square mile. Value of the manufactures, for the year ending April 1, 1837, $7,929,479. Product of the fishery, $2,188,656. The Taunton and Pawtucket are its chief rivers.

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