Bristol County, RI: population, rivers, lakes, mountains, resorts, hotels, motels, inns, and landmarks.

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Bristol County, Rhode Island

Bristol is the chief town. The territory of this smallest county in New England, except the county of Suffolk in Massachusetts, belonged to the colony of Massachusetts until 1746. It is bounded on the N. by Bristol county, Mass., E. by Mount Hope bay, and S. and W. by the upper waters of Narraganset bay. Area, 25 square miles. The location of this county, on the beautiful waters of Mount Hope and Narraganset bays, affords it unrivalled facilities for navigation. The soil is generally a deep gravelly loam and very fertile, producing various kinds of grain and fruits; and has about 4,000 sheep. The rocks are mostly granite. Bristol county affords some of the best scenery in New England, and is otherwise interesting as being, for many years, the residence of the brave and cruel Philip. Population, 1830, 5,466. 218 inhabitants to a square mile.

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