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Williamsburgh, Maine

Piscataquis county. This town was incorporated in 1820. In 1834 the easterly part of the town was set off and called Barnard; this fact was unknown to the editor when the first pages of this edition were printed.

The lands in Williamsburgh and Barnard are undulating, heavily wooded, with a fertile soil. The population of Williamsburgh, in 1837, was 120.

Williamsburgh and Barnard are at present but thinly settled; but in consequence of a vast body of slate for roofing houses and other purposes being found within their limits, the lands within these towns must enhance in value and increase in population. These quarries are common to both towns; they lie at an elevation of from 150 to 200 feet above Pleasant river, a branch of the Penobscot, which passes their northern and eastern borders, about two miles distant.

These quarries are inexhaustible in quantity, and are stated to be fully equal to the celebrated Welsh slate. They are situated 40 miles N. from Bangor; and, by the Bangor and Piscataquis rail road, now in operation to Orono; and in progress from Orono to these quarries, the Bangor of the new world seems likely to become as celebrated for its fine slate as the Bangor of the old. See Barnard.

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