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Orono, Maine

Penobscot county. This town lies on the west side of Penobscot river, and is watered by Dead stream and a large part of Pushaw lake. It is 74 miles N.E. from Augusta. Incorporated, 1806. Population, 1830, 1,473; 1837, 3,961. The soil of the town is good, and produced, in 1837, 1,744 bushels of wheat. This town borders on the Great Falls in Penobscot river, and contains a great number of saw mills, which manufacture a vast amount of lumber annually for the Bangor market. Orono is pleasant, and uncommonly flourishing.

A rail-road between Bangor and the villages of Stillwater and Oldtown, in Orono, was opened for travel in 1836. It is 12 miles in length and cost $350,000. The Penobscot river at Oldtown, above the falls, is 40 feet higher than at Bangor. The village of Stillwater is 4 miles below Oldtown.

Above the falls, and about a mile above the village of Oldtown, near the mouth of Dead stream, on "Oldtown Island," is the Indian Settlement. This settlement is very pleasantly located, and secure from approach except by boats or canoes. It contains a number of framed houses and a neat chapel with a bell.

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