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Norwalk, Connecticut

Fairfield county. This pleasant town lies on Long Island Sound, 32 miles W.S.W. from New Haven, 22 S. from Danbury, and 48 N.E. from New York. Population, 1830, 3,792.

Norwalk originally included part of the present towns of New Canaan and Wilton, and part of Westport. In the ancient record the bounds are stated to be "from Norwalk river to Sauhatuck river, from sea, Indian one day walk into the country." For this tract the following articles were given, viz; "8 fathom wampum, 6 coats, 10 hatchets, 10 hoes, 10 knives, 10 scissors, 10 jewsharps, 10 fathom tobacco, 3 kettles, 3 hands-about, 10 looking glasses." The following articles were given to the Indians for the tract "from Norwalk river to Five mile river, from sea, Indian one day in country," viz. "10 fathom wampum, 3 hatchets, 3 hoes when ships come, 6 glasses, 12 tobacco pipes, 3 knives, 10 drillers, 10 needles." The name of Norwalk is derived from the above bargain, viz; the northern bounds of the lands purchased were to extend from the sea one day's "north walk" into the country.

The soil in this town is excellent. The surface is uneven, being pleasantly diversified with hills and valleys. On the border of the Sound the hills are generally moderate, and the interior more elevated.

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