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Groton, Connecticut

New London county. Groton lies at the mouth of the river Thames, in the harbor of New London, and opposite to that city on the E. The lands are generally hilly and rocky, with some fertile tracts on the margin of the Thames. There are several villages, Groton Bank, opposite New London, Portersville, on Mystic river, and Pequonnuck. The Pequonnuck and Mystic rivers pass through the town, and empty into Long Island Sound. A number of whale ships and coasting vessels are owned in this town. This is a place of some trade, and considerable quantities of the produce of the county is shipped to New York market. Ship building is carried on to a considerable extent on the Mystic, which is navigable for large vessels about two miles from the Sound. About 300 men and boys are employed in navigation.

Previous to its incorporation, in 1705, Groton was a part of New London. Population, 1830, 4,705.

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