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Groton, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. This is a delightful town, with an extraordinary good soil; 32 miles N.W. from Boston, and 13 W. by S. from Lowell.

Groton was settled soon after Concord. It was for some years a frontier settlement and much exposed to the Indians. In 1676, the town was attacked by 400 Indians, and all the buildings plundered and burnt, except four garrison houses.

The town is finely watered by the Nashua and Squanacook rivers and a number of beautiful ponds. The buildings are in a style of great neatness and taste, and some of elegance. This town has a female seminary of high reputation, and a number of moral and religious institutions. The local beauties of Groton and its facilities for education are so great as to induce many wealthy families to make it their residence. The manufactures of Groton consist of paper, axle-trees, soap-stone pumps, mathematical instruments, clothing, palm-leaf hats, chairs, cabinet ware, leather, boots and shoes. Incorporated, 1655. Population, 1830, 2,057.

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