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Glastenbury [Glastonbury], Connecticut

Hartford county. This town, previous to its incorporation in 1690, had been attached to Wethersfield. It lies on the east side of Connecticut river opposite to Wethersfield, 8 miles S. from Hartford. It has some fine land on Connecticut river. The face of the uplands is rough but generally productive. About a mile and a half from Connecticut river and 8 miles from Chatham freestone quarry, in a romantic spot between the hills, is a beautiful village connected with the Hartford Manufacturing Company. Roaring brook, at this place, passes through a very narrow defile, affording a great and constant water power. Cotton is manufactured here to a considerable extent, and the village is very flourishing. From the hills around this village a great variety of delightful scenery is observable. Population, 1830, 2,980.

"In the eastern part of the town there is a pond of about a mile in circumference, called 'Diamond pond,' from the circumstance of there being small pebbles or stones around its margin, having peculiar brilliancy. Near the centre of the town there is a mineral spring, which, though it has acquired no celebrity abroad, has been thought by men of science who have examined it, to possess valuable medicinal qualities; and for more than one hundred years has been known by the name of the 'Pool of Neipseic.'"

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