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Thetford, Vermont

Orange county. This town is pleasantly situated on the west side of Connecticut river, opposite to Lyme, N.H. The Ompomponoosuc and its branches, give the town an excellent water power. There are several ponds in Thetford, one of which is worthy of notice. It covers about 9 acres, and is situated on an elevation, the base of which is only 4 rods from Connecticut river, and 100 feet in height. It is very deep; and has neither inlet nor outlet, and contains large quantities of perch and other fish. The surface of the town is generally rocky and uneven; it has but little intervale, but the soil is strong and productive. It feeds between 7 and 8,000 sheep. There are some manufactures in the town, a rich vein of galena, and three neat villages. Thetford was first settled in 1764. It lies 34 miles S.S.E. from Montpelier and 18 S.E. from Chelsea. Population, in 1830, 2,113.

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