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Starksborough [Starksboro], Vermont

Addison county. This town is watered by Lewis creek and Huntington river, which are good mill streams. There are three springs in the town, not more than 20 rods apart, which unite to form a stream of sufficient power for a number of mills, and is thus improved. The town is rough and mountainous. Hog's Back mountain skirts its western border, and East mountain passes through its centre, and divides the waters of the rivers. There is some good land in the town but a large portion of the territory is too elevated for cultivation. Here are 2 villages, and the manufactures of iron are considerable.

Starksborough was first settled in 1788. It is 22 miles W. by S. from Montpelier and 18 N. by E. from Middlebury. Population, in 1830, 1,342.

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