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Ryegate, Vermont

Caledonia county. This town is situated on the west bank of Connecticut river, opposite to Bath, N.H. It is 33 miles E. by S. from Montpelier and 14 S. by E. from Danville. Ryegate is watered by Wells river, some smaller streams and several ponds. There is not much intervale land on the river, in the town, but the soil is generally rich and very productive of all kinds of vegetables and grain; but more particularly of grass. About 3,000 sheep are kept, and the products of the soil, annually transported to market, are very considerable. This town was first settled by emigrants from Scotland, in the year 1774. A large part of the present population of Ryegate are of Scotch descent, and are said to follow, in a great degree, the peculiar habits, in regard to diet, which Scotchmen are accustomed to in their own country. They annually prepare large quantities of oat meal for cakes, and lay in a good stock of hulled barley for broths, soups and puddings. The people of Ryegate are generally frugal and industrious; good farmers, and good livers. They manufacture their own apparel and some for their neighbors. Population, 1830, 1,119.

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