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Poultney, Vermont

Rutland county. The surface of this town is pleasantly diversified; the soil is warm and prodictive, particularly on the borders of the river. First settled, 1771. Population, 1830, 1,909. There are two flourishing villages in the town, and manufactures of various sorts. The productions of the soil are considerable, and 12,000 sheep are kept. It lies 60 miles S.W. from Montpelier and 13 S.W. from Rutland.

Poultney river, rising in the high lands near Middletown, and emptying into East bay, an arm of Champlain lake, is about 25 miles in length, and in its course affords numerous valuable mill sites. This stream changed its course in 1783, by cutting a channel of 100 feet in depth through a ridge of land near the bay, and destroying the navigation of the bay for a time, by nearly filling it with earth. This obstruction has been removed.

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