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Rutland, Vermont

Chief town, Rutland county. This town was settled about the year 1770, and for some time during the revolutionary war was a frontier town. The Green mountain boys erected here two small picket forts, which were found very useful. The soil of the town is various but generally of an excellent quality. Iron ore of a good quality is found; clay, lime, and a great abundance of beautifully variegated marble.

The village of Rutland is neat, well built and handsomely located: it is the centre of trade for a large section of fertile country. The agricultural productions of Rutland are large and valuable:—in 1837, there were within its limits 20,981 sheep. Otter Creek and its tributaries give the town a good water power, and manufacturing establishments are springing up along their banks. Rutland lies 50 miles S.W. from Montpelier, 52 N. by E. from Bennington, 60 S.S.E. from Burlington, and 34 W.N.W. from Windsor. Population, 1830, 2,753.

And today...

Rutland today is home to the Rutland State Fair.

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