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Pittsford, Vermont

Rutland county. Otter creek meanders through this very pleasant and flourishing town, nearly in its centre, and fertilizes a large part of its territory. Furness river affords the town good mill privileges, on which are large iron works and other manufactories. Iron ore of a very fine quality, and elastic marble, are abundant; also, the oxide of manganese. The agricultural productions are valuable. In 1837 there were in the town 12,368 sheep. A female child was born here in 1784, who died at the age of 9 years, and weighed 200 pounds. Pittsford was first settled about the year 1770.—It was a frontier town for a number of years. The remains of Fort Vergence are still visible. This town lies 44 miles S.W. from Montpelier and 8 N. from Rutland.—Population, 1830, 2,005.

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