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Warren, Rhode Island

Bristol county. This small town, comprising an area of only about 2,600 acres, is situated on the E. side of Narraganset bay, and is bounded N. and W. by Palmer or Warren river, E. by Massachusetts, and S. by Bristol. It is 11 miles S.E. from Providence and 19 N. by E. from Newport. Incorporated, 1746. Population, 1830, 1,800.

The surface of Warren is undulating, with a soil of rich mould, very fertile and productive. Great attention is paid in this place to agriculture, and particularly to horticulture; and all the varieties of fruits and culinary vegetables are produced in abundance and perfection. Warren has a safe and commodious harbor for vessels of 300 tons burthen: a number of vessels are owned here, engaged in foreign commerce, the coasting trade, and fishery. Ship building has been pursued here to a great extent, and some vessels are now built, but not so many as formerly. This place has produced a great number of excellent sailors and ship masters, as well as ship builders.

The village is delightfully situated on a rise of ground fronting the harbor: it is neatly built and is surrounded by a variety of interesting scenery. This town is noted for the healthiness of its climate, and the longevity of its inhabitants. In 1834, there were only 19 deaths in the town, and the average age of 7 of those was 85 years. Warren is a fine resort in summer, and is much frequented.

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