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Little Compton, Rhode Island

Newport county. This very pleasant town, the Indian Seaconnet, lies on the ocean at the eastern entrance into Narraganset bay, 9 miles E. by N. from Newport, 30 S.S.E. from Providence, and 12 S. from Fall River, Mass. The soil of the town is uncommonly fertile, and being cultivated by an industrious class of men, is very productive of corn and other grain; beef, pork, butter, cheese, and wool.

Seaconnet Rocks, at the southeastern extremity of the town, where a break-water has been erected by the government, is well known to sailors, and memorable as the place where a treaty was made between the English and the Queen of the powerful Seaconnet tribe in 1674. That tribe is now extinct: Seaconnet Rocks is their only monument.

Little Compton is becoming celebrated as a place of resort, in summer months, for sea air and bathing; and very justly so, for very few parts of our coast exhibit a more interesting location.

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