Judith Point [Point Judith], RI: population, rivers, lakes, mountains, resorts, hotels, motels, inns, and landmarks.

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Judith Point [Point Judith], Rhode Island

A noted headland in South Kingston, 11 miles S.S.W. from Newport, in N. lat. 41°24', W. lon. 71°35'. A light-house was erected here in 1810, the tower of which is 35 feet in height. This point opens to the ocean about midway between Vineyard and Long Island Sounds.—When off this place, travellers unaccustomed to the sea frequently experience some little inconvenience for a few miles. From this light, Montauk, on Long Island, bears about S.W. 30 miles, and Gay Head on Martha's Vineyard, about E. by S., 35 miles.

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