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Salmon Rivers, New England

Salmon river, in Maine, is a tributary to the Penobscot, of about 30 miles in length. Its course is S., and falls into the Penobscot about 4 miles below the union of the eastern and western branches of that river.

Salmon Fall river, Maine and New Hampshire. See Piscataqua. In this river, between Rochester and Lebanon, Maine, is a fall, which, from its singularity, deserves notice. The river is confined between two rocks, about 25 feet high, the breadth at the top of the bank is not more than three rods. It is called the flume, and is about four rods in length, its breadth varying from two and one half feet to less than one foot; but here the water has a subterraneous passage. In the rocks are many cavities from one to seven feet in diameter, mostly cylindrical, and from one to four feet in depth.

Salmon Brook. See Nashua, N.H.

Salmon river, Connecticut. This beautiful mill stream has its source in the high lands in Tolland county, and passing south, receiving in its course many valuable tributaries, it meets the Connecticut at East Haddam, producing a beautiful cataract. There is a river of this name in Salisbury, Ct.

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