Hoosack [Hoosac] River and Mountain, New England: population, rivers, lakes, mountains, resorts, hotels, motels, inns, and landmarks.

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Hoosack [Hoosac] River and Mountain, New England

Two branches of the Hoosack, Hosick, or Hoosick river, rise in New England: one in the high lands in the county of Berkshire, Mass.; the other in the mountainous tracts of Bennington county, Vt. These branches unite near Hoosack Falls in the state of New York, about 3 miles W. of the celebrated Bennington battle ground. Hoosack river meets the Hudson at Schagthicoke, 15 miles N. of Troy, N.Y. This stream, in many places, is exceedingly rapid in its course, and affords a great number of mill sites.

Hoosack mountain lies principally in Clarksburgh and Berkshire, Mass., and is the source of a branch of Hoosack river. Its elevation is from 1,500 to 2,000 feet from its base.

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