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Windham, New Hampshire

Rockingham county. This town is 34 miles S. by E. from Concord and 45 W.S.W. from Portsmouth. Policy pond lies in this town and Salem, about one half in each. Cabot's pond lies E. of the centre of the town. Golden pond is in the south, and Mitchel's in the northeast part of the town. Beaver river or brook forms the W. boundary, upon which are some meadow lands. The town is also well supplied with small streams.

Windham was originally a part of Londonderry, and was detached and incorporated in 1739. The inhabitants, principally derived from the first settlers of Londonderry, have firmly adhered to the religious principles of their fathers, to the doctrines and forms of the presbyterian church as originally established in Scotland, and administered in this country. Population, 1830, 998.

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