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Weare, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. The only river in Weare is the N.W. branch of Piscataquoag, which enters the west boundary from Deering, and meanders through the N. and E. sections of the town, and passes the S. line about half a mile from the S.E. corner. This river affords the best mill seats in the town. There are three small ponds in this town. Rattlesnake hill, nearly in the centre of the N. line of the town, abounds with shelving rocks, abrupt precipices, forming dens and caves. During the summer season, the reptile from which the hill takes its name, is frequently found. The town, though rather broken, is not mountainous. It has small swamps, and some good meadows. It is now settled and cultivated to its extreme limits by industrious and wealthy husbandmen. It was incorporated in 1764, and received its name in honor of Meshech Weare, chief justice of the province of N.H.

Weare is 15 miles S.W. from Concord and 17 N.N.W. from Amherst. Population, 1830, 2,430.

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