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Waterville, New Hampshire

Grafton county. This town comprises the territory called Gillis and Foss' Grant, until its incorporation, in 1829. It is bounded N. by ungranted land, E. by Albany, S. by Sandwich, and W. by Thornton. It was granted June 29, 1819, to Josiah Gillis, Moses Foss, jr. and others. It is watered by Mad river, which rises among the mountainous tracts on the N., runs S.W. about 20 miles, and falls into the Pemigewasset river in Campton. Swift river has its source in this town, pursues an E. course through Albany, into Conway, where it unites with Saco river. There are 2 ponds, and several considerable elevations. Moses Foss, jr. commenced the settlement some years since. It has 96 inhabitants.

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